Bird Problems? NO Problem with The ShellCracker.
The only Positive Device for controlling your bird and animal problems

The ShellCracker is a Standard 12 Ga., 2 3/4" shotgun shell with a timed pyrotechnic report projectile.

The ShellCracker is packaged 100 rounds per case with 25 rounds per plastic inner box (4 inner boxes/cs).

The ShellCracker is shipped as a Bird Scaring Device, Explosive 1.4E (Can be shipped Fed-Ex Ground).

The ShellCracker is Manufactured in the USA by Stoneco, Inc.

The ShellCracker is the Original Pyrotechnic Birdscaring Device, ACCEPT NO SUBTITUTE.

Airports Golf Courses Farming Orchards
How The ShellCracker Works:
  1. A small charge expels the cracker projectile with a report and at the same time ignites the cracker fuse.

  2. The cracker fuse is timed to delay a pyrotechnic report down range approximately 100 yards.

  3. The cracker is of a solid construction and contains a charge which make a flash and loud report in the air.

  4. The report is harmless but effective on a wide range of birds and animals.

Use The ShellCracker as you would any standard 12 Ga. shotgun shell.  To be used by QUALIFIED PERSONNEL with proper hearing, hand, and eye protection.  NEVER fire The ShellCracker at any individual.

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